February 25, 2012

                                              Press Release

EMI Classics presents the double CD with 6 musical compositions by Thanassis Moraitis under the title Pictures for the sadness of the blond girls and of Eleni. 

The recordings were realized with the kind support of THE J. F. COSTOPOULOS FOUNDATION

The publication is accompanied by a booklet in English and the cover painting is a work of Spyros Vassiliou. 

The CD will be released in the countries: Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Japan / Taiwan / Korea / Turkey / Greece.

Date of circulation in Greece and in the abroad of international publication was fixed 27 February 2012.

.... The composer presents to us six contemporary musical works of symphonic structure interpreted by leading performers of the Greek music scene [Megaron Orchestra, Camerata of the Friends of Music (in 2 works) conducted by Alexandros Myrat / Sonia Theodoridou, soprano / Dimitris Kotronakis, guitar / Vangelis Christopoulos, oboe / Renato Ripo, violoncello / New Hellenic Quartet / Ourania Lampropoulou, dulciner / Sophia Lampropoulou, quanun].

.... By different structure and form each of his works, with particular “unions” of traditional and symphonic instruments (Stories of grandma sea and Fajum), with unforeseen harmonious assonances that well out of the interval structure of musical scales of the traditional and Byzantine music, the “maqam” of Rebetiko and the popular songs of Greece and the modern European harmony (String Quartet and Elegy for solo violoncello). With main concern that the instrumentation and the melodic lines of each musical instrument contribute to the rendering of the style of the poetic speech (of the “Karyotakismus” in the Cycle songs on poems by Greek poet Kostas Karyotakis). With complicated polyphony in the writing of solo instruments and with rhythmic subdivisions of the “limp” rhythms of the traditional Balkan music (5/8, 8/8, 11/8 etc), so that the intention for “bacchanalculmination in the composition (Amsterdam Concerto) is conveyed. And with all these to coexist, having as permanent denominator the "melody".